Reviews for "Hanger 2: Endless"


I am like the biggest fan of hanger If I had to chose my soul or hanger or my virginity....Id pick HANGER.

great game

-art- I loved the simplisity of the art. it is one of the best parts, not much to ditract me! 5/5
-music-the music seemed very fitting for the art. again, not much to distract me. that is important for a puzzle game. 5/5
-gameplay-gameplay was overall satisfactory. gameplay was dificult to score, the controls were easy to master but kinda akward to use at first. i honestly dont know how you coulda done better. 4/5
-dificulty- i think the dificulty was all in all intermidiate. most people who addapt well to odd games would find hanger 2 easy. i normally play shooting games and i found it easy to play. 5/5
to say the least, i would love to see hanger 3. :D