Reviews for "Hanger 2: Endless"

One word... EPIC!

This happens everyday sometimes your head get off or your heart sometimes you et back that heart or i dunno head... 5/5

I like this mechanic, first game I've played that has a lot of blood involved, but it's goal is about spilling less of it :D . Now since I heard that the first part was better, I will look into it.

Did they just ruin one of my favorite flash games on the internet? yes, they did.

This is clearly not how you make a sequel. The fact that you lose limbs every time you even tap something completely ruins the game for me. This in turn makes the difficulty frustrating and unforgiving. The only good thing about this game is the controls, which work fine, but overall the game is very poorly made.

How come i can't get on the fuc*ing game where the hell is the play button