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Reviews for "Peace Break: Hero"

.........I WAS PROMISED CATS....

Keep up the good work very enjoyable game >:)

I tried playing this on your sponsor/producer's, teagames. The version there is ATROCIOUS. Every time you die, it literally shuts down the game, to show an ad, then makes the game load back up again and makes you go back through all the menus just to continue where you left off. It reflects poorly on you and you ought to look into it.

the version on here is just great though. It does feel a bit unbalanced, since there's so many ways to deal damage, and to take it, health seems to be rather meaningless and you can die in half a second. basing score on health doesn't seem a good idea therefore, as the health is so modular. All you really have to do, if you survive long enough, is to keep the last enemy alive while you regen a bit and use your healing spells, for an easy perfect score. Most of the time i either get a perfect score or die horribly, it's too binary.

anniedududu responds:

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! We'll try to avoid the problem in the next version.

I really enjoyed it, keep up the good work, just the Hotkey freaked me up. May you could do some kind of custom controls in the next game?

anniedududu responds:

Thanks very much! I will try to use 1-4, q,e space as default in the next game or custom keys.

I think the game is awesome! I played it from beginning to the end very easy and feel fun, what do we want else for a flash game? ;p
If you are going to make a second, please do add more story for the game and maybe more upgrades, that'll make the game more fun :) Overall a great game! Fun, original, and can make people happy. Nice job! 4.5/5

anniedududu responds:

Thank you greatdace, we are going to add some story in the next version. If you have some good idea, please pm me.