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Reviews for "Peace Break: Hero"

Pretty good... But I had afew minor issues with both gameplay and style used.
The final boss has an obscene jump in difficulty, and it took me a couple tries to get it.
As well, the sheer number of skills and range of keys used to activate them made activating a skill when it was needed fairly cumbersome and difficult. On the final boss I ended up removing all of the abilities except for 3 simply to improve the ease of use, something I shouldn't have had to do.
As well, the skill trees could be completed before the final boss was reached, and most of the final skills for each didn't really feel like "Ultimate abilities".
The story was non-existant, and seemed more like an excuse to have a game than an actual story. When in battle, the background didn't really do anything for you, and while it was good it didn't detract from some of the busier moments in battle, it didn't create any flavor or add anything to the game.
Overall: Bland and clunky. Not terrible, but really not anything special either. Just another ship-based shmup, and not even memorable at that.
Next time: Make skill usage smoother and more rewarding, improve the scaling of the difficulty to be more reasonable toward the end, and try to give something more than just "ships shooting at each other."

anniedududu responds:

It was supposed to use "rage" skill to fight against the final boss, which can help you do a large amount of damage when the final boss were not in protection of round electricity ball.
Yes, we will create a much better game next!

Very very very nice!

The game is really good , and easy to play. Until the final's stage, the boss shoots thousands of rocket, and here we go the lagness....

this made me log into my account and write a review just because this was amazing.
i actually played till the end of the game witch i generally never do on online games like this

Honestly i found this game extremely boring. :/ the whole game I got 3 stars on everything almost flawlessly, then the last boss was like 5x harder then everything else, lol. I also wasn't a big fan of the upgrades, if you do well you upgrade everything, and there was just too much stuff to try and keep track of, you end up only using like 3 things.