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Reviews for "Peace Break: Hero"

i love this game. i would vote 5 stars, but theres no save feature =/. 4.5 stars. also, could you please add an auto-save feature? or, atleast a manual one? i got far, and my web browser froze, i had to refresh, and everythings gone -.-

anniedududu responds:

Hi eElectricZz,
Thanks for like the game. It do have an auto-save future. Maybe your web browser are froze just by the server update the game version, and cost you lost everything. I'm sorry for that.
And I will try to use online save system instead of cookie in Peace Break 2. That may help lot, I think.

Awesome game. Even though the mechanics were very simple i didn't get bored through the whole game.

If you're having trouble with level 14 use the infinite fire fort combo (Almighty+fire fort (till almighty stops)+Fight! Fight!, and repeat), be quick deploying them, and move all over the screen as fast as possible to spread them out. After the first two or three electricity ships start to show activate rage and destroy them as quickly as possible. Have teleport just in case you don't destroy them fast enough, but if you do that, you shouldn't need to teleport more than once.

Good game but need a lot of adjustements. Almighty, fight-fight and fort can get you invicibility. Make these ability unable to get the recharge

how to finish fast? get the Fire Fort and Almighty and u will finish the lvl in 10 sec

Fantastic game :D I absolutely loved it, but you really need to make a cap on the forts you can make. I basically found an infinite fort combo that made it so I didnt have to do anything. Although I felt proud and ashamed of myself, and that in my defense creature spawning is a legitimate way to play, I feel like a cap needs to be put into effect. Otherwise, great job :D