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Reviews for "Little Peck"

I like it!

It was a very smooth animation, but I felt like that end was lacking. For the ending, I was kinda expecting something more along the lines of "bird doesn't know his own strength" or the like, but I guess it works. Whatever the case, it was pretty cool. Thumbs up.

brandsanity responds:

Yeah I definitely had the same feelings about the ending - but needed to bring it to completion quickly due to deadlines! Thanks for your review :)

How romantic! X3

Well, the misleading description did make me chuckle, but ultimately, the flash was very lacking in terms of content.

The animation was very serviceable. I liked how you did the birds' head turns, and the pecking.

It's just that the black comedy, while being black, isn't really very comedic.

Maybe work on the impact of your punchline for your next flash, and retain the animation.

Also, I'd give you a passing grade if I were your professor.

Poor birdy :(
We have wood peckers at the summer house. They always seem very focused and dedicated to what they are doing. Nice animation, thanks.

brandsanity responds:

Thank you! Ha, don't think I've ever even seen a woodpecker in RL.