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Reviews for "The One Without a Name"

flawless track dood.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks man!

Very Beautiful work Lucid! probably one of my favorites from you now :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks! I'm surprised by how many people seem to like this composition, as it is one of my first works :D

Gef craid...piano=mind=blown.
Not enouf/10

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Lol! Thanks CoSSGames, I appreciate it! :'3

I owe you some reviews. This is an interesting piece! I like the theme of nameless people...gives this piece a pretty quirky vibe. I can see how it's "a bunch of ideas mashed together," but that also gives it a sort of pleasantly fluid vibe to it. Of course, all of these piano solo tracks of yours are incredibly flowing and smooth, yet I'm noticing a sufficient structural pattern and degree of repetition nevertheless. An interesting piece, again...I can't help but be reminded of one of those weird montages they have on cheesy T.V. shows sometimes...the flow-y piano is the perfect epitome of the passage of time. ;P Anyway, hopefully I'll respond to your PM by Thanksgiving (last Thursday of November) as I'm trying to finish all of my college applications by then. After that, I should be able to respond to them more regularly until cramming for AP exams (in April/early May) rolls around. >_< Anyway, cool piece! Talk to you soon, LSD, and may the Holy Date of December 16th (or is it December 13th?) come ever sooner!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hahha, no one owes me any reviews XD I've been getting a lot more of them than I've given back :p

I also like the concept of nameless things is general. As for the repetition in the piece, I'm happy about it. I'd say it doesn't repeat too much; just enough for you to get a grasp of the melody so that you will know how it'll go the next time the same or a similar melody is played.
Heh, I guess that a lot of music I do would work as background music, which might explain why you imagine a montage while listening to this :)

I'll be looking forward to that PM of yours! By the end of November, I won't even have too long left in the army, as the date that I'm done with it all is on the 18th of December XD

Good luck with all your applications, and thanks for the review! :3

Ah, the old "let's just play arpeggios on the left hand". You've had your talent for composing for a long time, no?

I guess I can see how it sounds like a medley of weird ideas. But they're weird ideas played in the same tempo, style, and instrument. So it still flows. Of course, when I say tempo, I mean general tempo. Your playing has gotten a lot steadier since then. :) BUT HOW STEADY CAN IT GET?

Yikes. Army camp sounds horrible. Do you at least get marshmallows? :( Good luck, dude. At least you'll have stories to tell your grandchildren, maybe?

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey! The left hand is actually quite different in this piece as opposed to most of my songs XD
Well, I don't know if I ever DIDN'T have the talent, to some extent at least. Of course it has developed, but I had an easier start than most, having listened to so much differing music during so much of my life :p

Flow is a word that could be applied to many of my piano compositions, I think. Good flow is very easy to achieve with solo piano songs. Sometimes there's almost too much of it though :D

I don't think my playing will ever be that steady... It's not really... My style ;)

It is horrible -_-
I have a 10 nights long camp ahead of me very soon, which I'm really looking forward to! To the end of it, that is...
You get marshmallows if you bring them yourself, which is actually not a bad idea o.O
We do get sausages every now and then though.

Thanks man! Yeah, I'll get to tell them they ought to choose civil service instead, though it takes much longer :)