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Reviews for "Tomb Raider Revolution"

Ah ok, now after watching your link I get "the joke" you made here. It's ok. Not very funny but it makes a little smile.

Haha, I got the joke fast XD, It was a good animation i liked it, keep up the good work. <_<

That was stupid. You think I should have to watch another vid just to understand. What kind of mindless slave do you take me for. This was just terrible everything about... wait.. looks like I gave this a 5. Well, I'm to lazy to change that so, lets start over shall we. This had graphics just as good as tomb raider II . I mean.. not the same style, but definitely about the same appeal. Her shooting the machine was funny and cool. The rest was weird o.O

Since I still own the game I instantly got the joke at the end! Though it would have been better if there was some fire in the explosion like in the game.

Higher star rating then I would have given thanks to the naive younger me that was tricked into killing Lara Croft for a chance to see low res digital boobs.