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Reviews for "Tomb Raider Revolution"


You seriously have this type of humor thats like not so niche that only like 2 ppl get it i admire that. also theres this sarcastic dryness about your stuff that just gets me lol. Keep up the awesome flash's mang

Tomb Raider, the great kitchen escape...
oh, spoiler, she dies.

no fuckin logic at the end but i saw the video i got it XD
anyway, good animation, and sound is okay,
but lara doesnt look hot enough just my opinion, but doesnt matter, i see its just your wondering what if lara croft goes to the arcade hall, and play House of the dead or DDR (Dance dance revotion, not Deutsche Demokratische Republik lol). hell i remember i played through TR6 on pc it was good damn terrible because of the control x(
until eidos got assraped and Crystal Dynamics made TR: Legend, that game was PERFECT!
verdict : i like it =)

haha idk much of what happened but i loverd it ,nice