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Reviews for "Tomb Raider Revolution"

Overall even if someone didn't fully get the 'joke' they should still appreciate the work that was put into this. Mess did a good job on the art work; he has always produced solid work and this is no exception. I think it's quite shocking for people to ignore all of the things he did right just because they fail to understand the joke.

With that being said: I thinkNeophyte's rant would make an excellent "dot dot dot" sequel. That was a lot of passion (the grammar was mostly correct though....)

Man.. I just read the authors responce to Neophyte-Ronin's comment and that sucks because I honestly didn't get the joke at the end either, and i played the crap out of tomb raider. ..... Is not reading authors comments... heading to youtube brb

Hehehe it took a while til i remembered why she explodet, (big "oooohhhh jea, i remember" moment *laughting*) the good old days, you should get a retro bonus xD

Okay, let's see, um... if I have to go and watch something else to get an obscure joke and I haven't, I will likely just pass this sucker up and watch something else entirely. Not just saying, saying with a megaphone saying. It's bad enough how it downplays a classic character based on how she is objectified (like we didn't figure that one out), but "Tomb Raider Revolution" doesn't even bother taking jokes to their expected (and far more satisfying) conclusions.

Let's get started. Lara Croft is at the arcade. Hilarity ensues, I guess. Lara Croft was never featured in an arcade game, to my knowledge. It makes sense that she might mistake her handguns for the arcade ones and walk away quietly, trying not to provoke further attention, or have no problem mastering Dance-Dance Revolution's essential premise, or have a bunch of enraptured, enamored onlookers, but it fails to dig into my skull why she would erupt in a full-body explosion. Was this something about the game that I fail to recollect? Or, perhaps it's something about the whole "I BOUGHT A TOYOTA!" pose that causes it to happen?

Frankly, I'm just frustrated over feeling like I should know this. There is a certain tolerance level for so-called random humor and I reached mine. At first, I was impressed at the goofy style and the semi-return of a game icon amidst all the Skyrim and Minecraft we keep subjecting ourselves to, but MyFuckinMess seemed to have no real destination with this--no real clue where the joke is going. And that's rather sad; it played on our expectation that she would shoo off the onlookers after her game victory, but then she just explodes. No rhyme or reason. And Mess was cheap enough to not bother animating any reaction from the audience that just got splattered. This is just one big disconnect leading to another, then another. Is this what gets passed as comic gold around here?

Now we have to figure out what the link is, the one with all the answers. Yeah, this one's a lost cause. Look at it: no hypertext protocol, no site name, nothing. Just a bunch of letters, numbers, and symbols I assume are part of YouTube's address generator system, but even then, it's hard to say how the original code looked as part of the link. Do we even know what it is we're supposed to be searching for? This is just like leaving a message on a contractor's voice mail: "Hi, I am an eighty-seven years old retired financier. I wish to have the services of a carpenter to remodel my house. I am hard of hearing but I pay cash and have no relatives. Please reply as soon as possible." Sounds great so far, but the prankster here is leaving not just a fictitious name, but also an INCOMPLETE TELEPHONE NUMBER, meaning the contractor gets nothing but the shaft. Thank you, MyFuckinMess for drilling home the joke upon the audience. We understand that we cannot play as Lara Croft naked, too. You got any other nuggets of wisdom to share in the Author Comments? Why don't you just invite us all on a magical boat ride near Niagara Falls and run out of gas along the way? Oh wait, sorry, YOU JUST DID THAT!

Incidents like these are half the reason we despise crews and clubs, because they will resort to these stupid games: submitting inferior content and sending us on a rat race to figure out why it's supposed to be funny. The end result is that the piece is nowhere near as funny as it should be, and nothing but a "You're a Dick!" moment. Even so, the cartoon is funny during the first half, I concede that; yet it fails to know where it's going so it throws something in and crosses fingers. If that was deliberate, then I cannot decipher the motive. Either way, it's not where it should be, if you got any standards or sensibilities about the matter. Of course, it's worst of all because, to be quite honest, MyFuckinMess is capable of so much more than this. Check his back catalog, because this "Tomb Raider Revolution", despite a promising premise, is a depressing example of his work. Deliberate suck.

MyFuckinMess responds:

I understand your frusration. I was just thinking that the joke was popular. Maybe it was in 1997.

For exemple, in O Skyrim, a lot of people understand the jokes because both of them have played this popular game. Maybe some people don't get the jokes because they don't even play the game, but these people just move away from the movie and don't say shit. But these people are a minority of the audience.

Conversely, here, the joke doesn't seem to be as popular as i'd imagined. That's why most of people are mad with that.

But there is no way random humor in it. It just refers to a certain part of the game that some gamers has known in their childhood. They are apparently not many, but i'm glad to see i've reach some of them. You just don't belong to them and it's not bad. I'll just try to reach most of the audience next time :)