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Reviews for "Tomb Raider Revolution"

Oh yeah, I get it! It's been a while since I've played Tomb Raider 2, but it's hard not to forget a cheat like that.

ok, so I didn't get the joke. But people saying that it's great animation... well not everyone just the post that's visible to me at this very moment. This animation is not very good. I usually excuse poor animation for good writing or humor but this had neither.

Combines humor with more humor with teen material. LOVE IT!

might have to have a look in my game collection and see if i still have TR2 i always liked that cheat i told my sister that the self destruct cheat was infinate ammo lol

MyFuckinMess that was enjoyable, witty, and fun. *Spoiler*

For those that don't understand while playing DDR Lara was actually inputting a cheat code from Tomb Raider 2 to explode. The final move in the cheat code was to jump in the air. Tomb Raider 2 had a series of cheat codes but this one was one of the better ones.