Reviews for "WWII Soldier"

One of the worst fps's ever. I mean, it's WAY too cartoonish, it requires more members of the squadron, even if there's only one, and it's NOTHING like WWII except for the barn and stuff, which is in MOH:Vanguard. Other than that, it's nothing like WWII. It needs to be more realistic, have a variety of guns, at least 3 grenades, and a side-arm, like a pistol. And the uniforms need to be more like the Nazis, if you're an Ally Trooper, or like the American uniform if you're an Axis Trooper. I.. I don't even know what else to say it's like... Too bad! I mean, I personally think you should just start over if this is your game, which it most likely is, or nearly start over. It needs a story, it needs realistic missions, and, of course, it doesn't need upgrades except for an extended mag or something, if the gun has that capability. AND you should be able to walk around, and pick up leftover guns from fleeers or dead enemies. It also needs weps from WWII, like the FG42. And I know that I can't make a game even of this.. quality, if that's what you wanna call it. Although I DO know my fps's. Especially WWII Fps's. I'm gonna give you like, a 3 for the effort, though. You at least deserve that. 3 in the rate system. Good job, but not great.

It was pretty good. Doesn't seem to be your property. But I don't know? I like it. It's cool and fun.

This game is pretty fun in terms of its decent quality,smooth gameplay and realistic sound effects,however,maybe different backgrounds in each wave and new weapons being unlocked for every achievement received or perks and maybe different types of enemies like a tank which can be destroyed by grenades or an anti-tank weapon and maybe missions with other objectives besides killing enemies.These could boost the replay value of this game,so good work on this game anyway.

Fair shooter, if a bit choppy at times. the ads that pop up on the "You're Dead" screen are hard not to click while trying to shoot the guy who kills you, which is a bit obnoxious. a Controls list would help. Trophies are a nice touch, though it seems strange to reward people for using more bullets than necessary. if they can get a nice headshot off first round they fire reliably every time, then that should be worht more than mashing the fire & reload buttons imo. overall, a decent game.

not bad for a flash FPs