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Reviews for "MEME RPG Supreme"

Just clicking stuff does not make it an RPG, there needs to be some interaction. Stick RPG had alot more going for it, rooms, different buildings, a skate board......

This has none of these. Cool music though.... thats why you get one star, for the music.

No. No. nope. This game has nothing of RPG! and memes i has just the word. the Music it was a good try but you need to put more effort in your games.

It's not because you add "smart", "power" and "charm" in a game that it's a RPG... it needs events, interactivities... and anything else that's at least a RPG...

And for the meme... can you really call it a meme game with only 3 meme? http://knowyourmeme.com/

1 music, 0 story-line, 3 meme, 8 buttons at max... even in VB.net and in an day, I'm able to make the same thing in 4 times better.

Oh, last thing: make something for not letting the player if not enough money... don't let him make his action, that's all. Have you ever seen animals? without money, they still live.

not really what i expected, good music though

Trolololol, the greatest face... being great. I love the depth of trolling, and how it always gets people who think that they've found a way to know better. It's even better when hidden in plain sight. Bravo.