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Reviews for "Room Raider"

Game was good

I like it! The randomness really gives a sense of challenge, and maybe a hint of gambling? :)
The only thing I would suggest is making an easy mode so that you cant clear the same room over and over, for those who dont have much patience, but other than that, well done! And good luck!

What a great game! Fun and put together nicely. :)

This game is decent in terms of its retro arcade-like,smooth gameplay and its variety of weapons,enemies and rooms,however,it lacks the control to shoot upwards as shooting while jumping at enemies(especially the bouncy spike balls) which dive from above is ineffective and sometimes,the randomly generated rooms and weapons give the character certain disadvantages(for example a magnum-like pistol against those squid-like cannons which has a high hit rate in a room with no or little cover and no controls to shoot in any other directions other than forwards and backwards),at least better weapons could be provided against more difficult enemies to make up what the controls lack or weapons could be fixed and ammo boxes could be provided in the rooms.Overall,it is a pretty good game with its medals,so good work,all it just needs are a few small improvements.

it was hard, the early levels should be easier, but overall I liked it.