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Reviews for "Room Raider"

Interesting play style. I can deal with the random rooms, random weapons, that thing was fine. It does lead to some rooms that pretty much are guaranteed to rip your health to shreds, especially when you have too many enemies on screen and a weak weapon. Although I think the way that that works against you is more a process of hit confirmation. Simply put, you can take hits a lot faster than enemies can. No matter what you shoot an enemy with, it takes about a second for them to register the next hit from whatever gun you're firing. Meanwhile your character can take damage at least twice within a single second, meaning that you are already bound by increasing damage and no health refills but then on top of that your character is designed to soak up damage like a magnetic sponge.

The thing is... the difficulty altogether makes it awkward. Despite the randomness, if I got to a high number of rooms, I should still feel like there was a lot of skill involved. As if it was an accomplishment. Instead, all I really feel is lucky, and like I occupied my time but that I really didn't achieve much of anything. That's where your game loses stars more than anything else.

I would say, deal with the hit confirmation on the player character and that would be about it. Everything else seemed alright.

The difficulty is one thing. First of all, it's not challenging, it's just stupidly hard. Especially on the stage with twisted controls, that's plain dumb. The character sprites are ugly as well.
I like the presentation and the idea of the game. Other than that, I'm sorry but it's just not that good of a game.

Death rooms are broken as hell, largely because controls = reversed, but facing is not.

So i'm moving right, but facing left, when all my enemies are to my right. And yes, it does have that "herp-derp fire is now jump" second, but that didn't increase difficulty so much as it made it mildly annoying.

Also: random weapons made some levels unecessarily difficult or absurdly easy. One enemy: jumping puzzle? Rocket launcher = win. Tricky terrain + many enemies? Rebound = win. Long distance, gotta kill enemy on other side of jump? Short range weapon (pistol, shotgun) = loose.

This game is interesting.
First off I made it through fifteen rooms, and no medals. I do not see myself pursuing this through to try to beat it.
I love the graphics first of all. Amazing. I would honestly love to see these graphics implemented into an actual structured platformer; even dare I say, a metroidvania type. It looks amazing.
The controls were fine to me, the rooms with reversed controls were difficult but not insane or anything.
The only qualm I have is with the essential structure, the random rooms and sort of survival mode, make it as far as you can, gameplay isnt really for me, i was really stoked when i saw the graphics. I was expecting a sick platformer with upgradeable weapons etc. I think if you took this code, and made a game with a story out of it, you would have great success, and a million fans.
Keep it up this was awesome, thankyou.

SinclairStrange responds:

You read my mind :3. My next flash is going to be a metroidvania styled game. This is really only a prototype as such as I just wanted to see how far I could push flash :P.

Wow, the most annoying thing about that game was that you lost all your health if you fell down in one of the spike pits or whatever. Granted, I guess that makes sense, you just should have had more lives. What I did think was cool was how the combination was always different. You didn't know what to expect next with the enemies. When I was getting ahead, it seemed like I was repeating some levels. I guess that's because I probably was.

I appreciate the nice graphics, but some of the controls don't work that well. I swear I must have triggered something on one level where the controls were the opposite of what they should have been. The name reminds me of the game "Tomb Raider". Granted, it was really nothing like that, the name just sounded like that. At least you can get through some of them at first.