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Reviews for "Room Raider"

I played this game as soon as it was uploaded to Newgrounds. I read the instructions first, so I wasn't shocked that there were rooms with reversed controls. It certainly speaks well of your programming skills and potential as a game maker that you listened to the feedback in the reviews to tweak a few things that were frustrating for some players, like putting reverse controls in enormous letters in the appropriate rooms.

I thought the game was really well-designed. I like the graphics well enough, nothing was garish or off-putting as far as visual appeal goes. The music has a nice beat, but the sfx are a little too tinny sounding, even for this type of game. The blowback effect is a bit strong, but that's your choice as creator. Since you've changed the instakill spikes and lava into an 'hp burn' effect, the blowback is just another element of gameplay. I agree with your assessment that adding health isn't necessary because the game's premise is 'how long can you survive'.

The only improvements I would recommend besides a sfx tweak would be more variety among enemies and perhaps a toggle to adjust music and sfx volume, not just 'on' or 'off'. If you ultimately decide to add health to the game, I would limit it to an unlockable 'gauntlet' mode where there is no ceiling for numbers of rooms cleared (a player could conceivably clear hundreds of rooms in that format).

Great job, I look forward to more submissions from you.

Wow, quite a concept! While I wasn't too happy with the kinds of enemies and weapons, everything else was quite awesome. I like how you don't stay in any one room for too long. The animation and sound quality were excellent. It's got pretty good music, too. I could totally see myself getting wrapped up in this game.

I do, however agree with most here that the reversed controls are more annoying than fun. It's a little more entertaining as the occasional gimmick or status effect than to be part of the actual controls. -0.5 stars for making my brain hurt. ;P

alright, the knockback was horrible, the shotgun is a really bad weapon, and there is no way to heal
but it was an interesting idea of a game, all you have to do is work on it a bit and it'll be much more playable

Decent potential, and not a terrible game, but reversed controls is not a fun gimmick to use regularly. Beyond the reversed controls, the difficulty seemed hard, but relatively enjoyable (aside from the occasional really bad room+weapon combinations).