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Reviews for "Room Raider"

Too hard and the controls so messy that it's not even enjoyable. This isn't a run n gun, it's a "turt n run" since the only way to make progress is to be extremely cautious and advance very slowly.

There's also the RNG thing. It usually issues a game over if a crappy weapon (mostly the shotgun, ought to be called "shitgun") comes in certain room layouts.

SinclairStrange responds:

Are you just going through old games to leave negative comments?


A decent game. There are, however, a few rooms you *must* take damage in (or at least I see no way around it) such as this one particular fire room that shoots alternating horizontal and vertical fires on the steps. Also it's entirely luck as to where you end up and levels are selected at random, including levels you've already completed, so it's entirely possible to "luck out" and get easier levels and do better one run, even getting the same exact easy level a few times, or to get "unlucky" and constantly get, say, that one fire room mentioned.

There have been a slight few times I've taken deaths on the falling platform rooms too, due to the character becoming nonresponsive to jumps, although this only occasionally happens, but it is an instant death when it does.

Much of the medal collection in this game is a combination of skill and getting somewhat "lucky" in the rooms it sends you to as well as somewhat "lucky" in what weapons it gives you. (Uzi is terrible, for example).

Some things I notice while playing this game that other players may over look.

1.Room 7 will heal you back up a little bit ( good luck on finding it when you need it).

2.In the revers rooms, Jump and shoot in the same time to lessen the effects of the increase gravity.

3. The shotgun can shoot through walls.

Anyways, I had fun while playing this game and I will play it again later.

Some things I notice while playing is that the spinning enemy will sometimes bounce right off of my head, without damaging me. Also, It is possible to go straight up a wall if you can jump from below it in the right spot ( you have to be able to at least walk under it to from what I have seen).

i guese becasue after i get pass the comercial it gets stuck on poweed by almay i have also refreshed page and ran in popup