Reviews for "Anaksha Mini Adventures 2"

cant find the needle and fix the screws :( please help

ArifRocks responds:

Check the fence in the alley

Fun game just like the first on. There are some parts that are a little too hard at first but save feature mitigates that to little more than a minor nuisance as I can stop and come back anytime. I am a little upset that I'll have to go through the game again if I want to get the medals that I already earned but that seems to be a Newgrounds problem so it doesn't take any points off your game.

Really excellently done game. At first was a little confused as the locations were small, but to be honest that added to the charm. Going in between locations and speaking to the same people didn't get boring because they all seemed to have their own charm and their own tale to tell. Very much enjoyed it.

Definitely reminded me of old Sierra games, like you say, alongside some other more obscure adventure/puzzle games. I especially liked the different paths it could put you on. Alongside that, the clues felt well thought out - there's always a worry in games like these that they give you no clue about what to do, and you're stuck wandering around until something randomly works. I also like the locations, quite gritty and the music fits in well. What's best is the characters in the game though, very varied and memorable.

Improvements? Perhaps next time, make those characters who have something new to say stand out - like a speech bubble over their heads, or something. It did seem like I was sometimes waiting to unlock one character's new conversation without knowing what it was I needed to do. Also, the main character seemed to flip between sweet loving person and merciless killer. She didn't seem fully realised to me, almost as if she changed her personality completely depending on who she spoke to. Perhaps conversation options would be a good way to go, or make the character a little more edgy with everyone.

Minor complaints though, this is a really well done game and I really enjoyed playing it. Unlocked most of the medals and only needed to look for help twice, which is good for me considering the length of the game. Great job, will keep an eye out for more.

ArifRocks responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate your comments. With regard to her personality, you're absolutely right. She does change her attitude depending on who she deals with, but that's how her personality has been intentionally designed - sweet but tough as nails. Normally she's very loving towards everyone (if a little shy at times), but if anyone comes across as arrogant or big-headed she may tolerate it for a while but will then eventually put them in their place if they don't stop. And if anyone provokes her, angers her or comes across as a bad person, she'll just reach down and rip 'em off without warning. It's just who she is.

Wiow, I did not expect a retro-style game like this to be so captivating. By the time I was beginning to get tired of running here, grab this, get that, and talk to this person, I had progressed into the story too far to just stop playing. I didn't play the first one, but I'm definitely looking forward to the next one!

That was so good i was on the front of my chair all the way though im so hopping for a nother one in any time soon i nearly got all the NG awards even found all the virgo as well really nic game love it 5/5 :D