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Reviews for "Anaksha Mini Adventures 2"

Great job. Interesting story, made my working day and completed the game at home :D great thing, that puzzles always change, but the are still troubles with medals. I achieved them all in the game, but i have only saved with my account :(
And mb there still are many solutions but i didn`t understood why there are rooms like 2 or 7 (sorry if i missed that they can possibly change) and why the key to room 8 is with you till the end of the game, which is used just once! :D
Keep up the good work! give u straight 5

Fun game just like the first on. There are some parts that are a little too hard at first but save feature mitigates that to little more than a minor nuisance as I can stop and come back anytime. I am a little upset that I'll have to go through the game again if I want to get the medals that I already earned but that seems to be a Newgrounds problem so it doesn't take any points off your game.

I spent hours on this. And i must say, it was AMAZING. Captivating all the way to the end. It had a movie-like experience to it. Great art, dialogue/characters, audio, just everything.

Favorited? YES!!!

This game deserves WAAAY more than Daily First.

I think people that complain about the skill level must be younger. Older adventurers did not have the internet to look up walkthroughs and hints. A lot of the classics had some pretty obscure solutions, and you just have to trial and error your way through. Remember those 900 numbers for hints?? lol. This had a very good flow and of course you get stuck sometimes, that is what is challenging. I am very impressed with this game, and had a blast playing it. I didn't do it all at once, so remember to save often.
ps I love the creepy guy's music in the alley.

Really great game. Since i am a genius i beat the game in one sitting in 3 hours. This is a well thought story and i can't wait to play the third!