Reviews for "Anaksha Mini Adventures 2"

First of all, thank you for such an amazing game, Arif.
And thanks for not stereotyping us indians (forgive my username).

The highlights:
- I loved the gameplay. It was like playing Leisure Suit Larry but without the cheap humour.
- The chemistry between Anaksha and Creepy Guy.
- The story was pretty good.
- The little faces with various emotions at the bottom left in dialogues added spice to them.
- The music was just right for each location.
- The sexual innuendo was bang on. Not too little, not over the top.
- So were the puzzles. Not too easy, not too hard.

Now, for the stuff you could change:
The display time of "This item cannot be used here" and "These do not combine" can be reduced.
An option to change the walking speed whenever we want.
The medals don't seem to work.

Anyways, that's nothing compared to the highlights. So, you get your 5/5 and 10/10.
Congratulations and keep making more.

ArifRocks responds:

Thanks for the review. The display time of the error message has been changed already. I updated the file several times around 4 hours ago but NG's system won't reflect the changes for some reason. Also the medals seem to be an NG problem - according to other users its happening on other games too.

This game is BEAUTIFUL, I'm just wondering though do you need to buy a bracelet after you talk to Kurt with the flowers or is it something else?

Am I the only one that this game isn't working for anymore? I click play and the screen just stays black. Checked my storage settings and it says it's using 0 KBs, set it to something higher and it doesn't save the settings, just stays at 0 KBs. Tried emptying my cache, cookies, everything...


It's Great so far, I just don't get the fact he walkthrough tells me to go to Lady Medusa's yet it keeps telling me it's locked. What do? Any thoughts?

Apart from me probably having a brain fart, I love the lay out of the game and it has given me a lot of ideas on what I would like to do on RPG maker, Thanks!! You guys have done a fantastic job on the layout. :3

ArifRocks responds:

Lady Medusa's doesn't open until after the girl in the nightclub tells you to go there. Hope that helps. :)