Reviews for "Anaksha Mini Adventures 2"

For those who keep getting stuck with 59 of 60 Virgo symbols, search the rug that says "Tiger Lounge Hotel" right in the middle of those words with your "Assassin". Most likely that is the one you're missing.

For everything else, just be sure to use the "Assassin" everywhere, and especially the first time you enter a room as some rooms you cannot re-enter so you forfeit any symbols you didn't take first time you entered. Use it on every part of every wall and piece of furniture. Be very thorough.

Getting all of those Virgo symbols was really the only irritating part of the game.

fun and well made

It's a great game, though a bit of an endurance contest. It's very long, but I did enjoy it. I just wish I knew how to get the inflicting Pain and Bathroom Poetry medals; I tried everything I can think of. The game is great regardless, and I hope to enjoy the conclusion as much.

I remember playing this game like... 2, 3 years ago. Last week I had the urge to play it, since it suddenly came back to my head. I spent quite a few days trying to remember the name, but I couldn't. I'm really happy to find it, it's one of my favourite games ever. You did a superb job.
Hope you have a great day, and thank you.

Super great game! Must have replayed it four times now - Anaksha is an awesome character!

ArifRocks responds:

Thanks! Glad you like it :)