Reviews for "Anaksha Mini Adventures 2"

That was so good i was on the front of my chair all the way though im so hopping for a nother one in any time soon i nearly got all the NG awards even found all the virgo as well really nic game love it 5/5 :D

There was pretty much things to do in this game, but I managed to beat the game. Maybe I should play the previous chapter of Anaksha to know better the story. It was some kind interesting. Anaksha is a woman with guts and she is brave and tough. Even if she lives adventure who are dirty, dramatic, rough or intense, she still moving foward. Of course, as several women, she can be kind and lovely. She's hard and soft at the same time. Impressive character. Really, that's a good job. Thumbs up!

BEAT THE GAME..this is gibberish.

Please don't get offended by this, but I don't sugar coat anything. I'm going to criticize.

Listen, I understand that they take a lot of time and effort. I understand that they used to be something amazing. I understand that this one is extremely detailed. I understand this one has a few different routes. But all in all, it isn't any different from the other billion swap games on newgrounds right now and they haven't been fun since the 1980s.

The adventure game always whittles down to rubbing the multiple items you have on everything and then rubbing them together to make magic happen. The logic behind solving the puzzles are either drop dead obvious or bat fucking insane. Sometimes there's clues, and other times you just have to have some magic clairvoyance to know what to do with what object. All it leads to is searching back and forth forever. It's not fun, it's just tedious. And it forces you to use a walkthrough for something that didn't make much sense in the first place.

This one in particular had some severe issues with "how the hell was I supposed to know to go back?" You'll backtrack a lot, seeing how there isn't that many rooms, but you'll always end up just pushing one object into something in the background hoping it'll do something. A lot of it is really contrived too.

That random chick has poisonous mushrooms that we could use? How convenient! Gee, this trash can has some empty capsules! Amazing! The creepy guy has the exact key we need for some reason? What are the odds?

It doesn't need to be realistic, but an adventure game has to rely on story and good writing, seeing how the gameplay is mind based and has to keep the player interested to know what's going to happen next, giving more incentive to rubbing random objects together. The insane coincidences reflect cheap deus machinas used as puzzle solvers, which takes a toll on the plot.

Also, he needs to scratch his ass, but the only solution is to give him a straw? I had a pen in my inventory, why couldn't I have given him that? I didn't even need to use it later.

Speaking of writing, I'll admit that the writing in this game is above average. The characters are well rounded and interesting as well as fairly realistic (when we aren't talking about the obnoxious comedic relief characters) but a lot of things are annoying. Whenever you talk to the creepy guy, (who just always happens to have what you need) Anaksha just spouts threats, one liners, and overall snarkiness that comes off as desperate moreso than clever or witty. Especially when he replies with "that's witty!" I imagined a little rimshot playing in the background whenever she'd respond to whatever he'd say.

"I can imagine us lying in bed together naked!"
"I can imagine my fist flying at your face!"
Bu-dum-tss! Audience laughter, cut to commercial.

Anaksha is compelling as a character, and I think you got into a woman's head pretty well. It's interesting to hear what she thinks about her surroundings. When she isn't trying to be funny, at least.

Also, when the kid dies, it's played out like some dramatic event. Keep in mind, though, we have no real clue who this kid is nor do we particularly care about him because we've only spoken to him like five times beforehand. When he dies, Anashki bursts into tears and grieves, I find this odd because she comes off as a character who's seen a lot of people die. And she's crying over some dumb kid dying that she hardly even knows?

The fortune teller lady bit was almost completely unnecessary. She foreshadows something that doesn't even happen and is used as a sequel hook. Why bother? It added an element of fantasy I'm not sure was even necessary.

Overall, I guess I'm just tired of the genre. It's an old genre that's been outdated for a long time now, even in terms of flash based games. You have an intriguing story, but the realistic grittiness keeps getting broken by cheap puzzle answers forcing players to look online for clues only to break their immersion.

ArifRocks responds:

You've made some good points here and I agree with a lot of what you've said. It's good to get detailed feedback I can learn from for next time. I appreciate you taking the time to write all this. :)

The story and characters are fine but I feel this game has a heavy case of "guide dang it", as some things asked of the player don't make logical sense and are not hinted in any way as the "correct" solution. Much of the game revolves around walking, not running, walking around and inspecting random areas to see if you get anything out of it, sometimes areas you've inspected previously and had nothing there and talking to the same people repeatedly trying to get the story to advance as you have no way to know who you need to to talk to, and often the people you do need to talk to are not logically linked to your goal. Often you are helping people with random problems who eventually give you the item/s you need to advance the story. This isn't what causes the biggest problem though, it's that with the seemingly random nature of who you need to talk to and large requirement of walking back and forth searching the same areas and talking to the same people over and over to try and find out how to advance the story, the speed you move is incredibly slow. There should definitely be an option to run in the next game so you can move quickly from place to place.

Not really a problem with the game, but as it is stated fairly clearly that the protagonist is very wealthy (as well as given an example by being able to afford that luxury illegal cell phone despite having no skill with or knowledge of technology, just buying it because she can), is there a reason she has so little money on her and needs to do random favors for people to earn enough money to buy cheap items at a convenience store? Don't know if this is explained in the 1st game as I have not played it yet.