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Reviews for "Anaksha Mini Adventures 2"

So, I've been on Newgrounds since it was made, but finally made an account just to review this game. I rarely playthrough games fully, but this was an exception.

It had a very compelling story line, interesting characters and locals, and kept me coming back each day to get through the game.

5 stars, excellent piece. I really hope another in the series is made like this one.

Not even half way through the way, I'm already know this is already a good game!

It's Great so far, I just don't get the fact he walkthrough tells me to go to Lady Medusa's yet it keeps telling me it's locked. What do? Any thoughts?

Apart from me probably having a brain fart, I love the lay out of the game and it has given me a lot of ideas on what I would like to do on RPG maker, Thanks!! You guys have done a fantastic job on the layout. :3

ArifRocks responds:

Lady Medusa's doesn't open until after the girl in the nightclub tells you to go there. Hope that helps. :)

I really love this type of games!!!

Just one tip, maybe you could add a note in the inventory to know what you need to get or what to do.

i just wanny say something i did not know there was sixty sumbloys because when i hit 10 i could not find no more and the driveing test wheres that i did not have that one ???