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Reviews for "Anaksha Mini Adventures 2"

great game nice job
But what i have to do with the screws? how i blunt them?

So confusing.....it suks 2 meh

Great game! The story was nice, characters well written(even though the protagonist is not really that nice) and the games are nice too, but there were two times were i had to look up the walkthrough, because they were impossible to guess. Making it have different routes is fun, but 850...oh please

My only problem is, it should have more cutscenes! They were very well done and gave a lot more to the atmosphere. Especially one in the beginning would have been nice.

Wow this game's pretty long. Loved the character scripts. The exchanges between Anna and Creepy Guy was sooooo hilarious. Good stuff!

Despite the small map size, I really loved this game. Great characters, a nice bunch of small plots, and.....that sick cliff hanger at the end. I look forward to playing mini adventures 3.