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Reviews for "Anaksha Mini Adventures 2"

Stuck At The EyeLiner Part These People are all dam quiet T+T Help

I can say that it can compare to "Frank's Adventure" with a more mature style presenting in a nightlife way. Love your effort, ArifRocks!!

ArifRocks responds:

Glad you liked it! :)

playing this game makes me wish more games were made in this style cant wait for dark angle
five stars

Fun and interesting medal game

This was pretty interesting, I like the idea of this and i like how you presented this, It was pretty interesting though, there are a few things that you could change up now and then but ill get on that later, but now more into the review. ok so i found this game to be pretty interesting i really like that you have alot of medals, the game is filled with lots to find and experience, The graphics are pretty impressive and the "MUSIC" is soothing and fits well with the game, so nice effort here and a well playedout game very worth the while and a fun overall experience i thought, so as for improvments not sure but it had alot already. Wow, I think this may in fact be my favorite entry for the days finds in the portal. It's really cool how you have all this great style and nifty ideas. you should realy advance on those ideas for more success.

I like all the Contributions you have pushed forward on this one, some were unexpected, I have some ideas for you and if Implementing correctly you could add an extra notch of quality here, I have Pinpointed a few areas that could see some light and attention, But i suppose some extra effects like when you find stuff, even a small bonus mini game would be great, but other then that this was an alright game.

I... that was one of the best pixel games i've ever played. Thank you for the experience. I am waiting for Dark Angel.