Reviews for "Anaksha Mini Adventures 2"

Good game though I never had a chance to finish it due to an annoying bug that changed my caffeine pills into a sticky sign, after I used my actual sticky sign for it's intended purpose, leaving the rest of the game impossible to complete.

Very much a harken back to earlier point and click games without the whole "Must Look, Use, Talk" to everything I have, to be on the safe side. Overall it felt very streamlined and the story flowed well with what is intentionally a massive treasure hunt. It's just a shame I can't complete it.

hehehe! rats ass! lol well done!

This game is epic! :DDD nuff' said

what in the name of God am I supposed to do with the screws?! i spent an HOUR (literaly) trying to find a wall/object to use them on! Thats rediculous!

ArifRocks responds:

Try the wall outside Jack's bar. Also, there's a solution on the Anaksha forum

I think people that complain about the skill level must be younger. Older adventurers did not have the internet to look up walkthroughs and hints. A lot of the classics had some pretty obscure solutions, and you just have to trial and error your way through. Remember those 900 numbers for hints?? lol. This had a very good flow and of course you get stuck sometimes, that is what is challenging. I am very impressed with this game, and had a blast playing it. I didn't do it all at once, so remember to save often.
ps I love the creepy guy's music in the alley.