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Reviews for "Goldeen Loves Guitar"

Hahaha love it!!

Fake and Great, and by fake I mean, Fantastic.
I loved it, your animation style is just perfect, one of a kind and I woundn't want it any other way.
Great job to everybody that worked on that, Red, you've done it again!

Better art than the actual show.

been browsing newgrounds for 5 years i think and just made account today to rate this 5 starts......awsome work there :)...."All of the JENNYS"

Wow Caxx did soooo many voices lol she did pikachu perfectly, you guys really do make an awesome team. This was way funnier than you lead on man, everything had a great flow of pure zaniness that made it really enjoyable to watch. The ending with Caxx commenting fake and gay was just too much win XD. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that you took my suggestion for an air bass solo, I practically shit my pants. Anyway great flash dude, really can't wait to see more.

redminus responds:

Haha thanks, I almost considered making that last line "BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP"... just think of all the potential whistle points people would set up for you in the reviews! Other than that, try to keep it in your pants dude.... THE POOP THAT IS