Reviews for "Some Birds Have Teeth."

that bird looks crazy, yo

As shitty as everything looked and sounded, this was pretty awesome. Everything about it is creepy and surreal and the different textures made it more interesting. Things like this shouldn't be judged by appearance but by it's tone and story. Also, smart move tuning down the audio a bit (or maybe my sound was low, who knows).

Really fucking creepy.

I don't ask for art shorts to have a plot, but this could have used some sort of narrative. Even as a series of (possibly intended to be nightmarish) images, there was no thematic or conceptual thread that I could pick up on. In the absence of anything tying them together into a powerful whole, this is only a disquieting jumble instead of the more disturbing and forceful material that I suppose must have been intended.

Even installations of paintings tend to have a thematic thread to make the individual pieces more powerful and affecting. A stronger core idea could have really helped you out here.

Needs work man, especially the sound was that a dial-up modem dialing out?