Reviews for "dys4ia"

I think is a creative and interesting way to tell a story

The sound direction in the game is really what makes this game really special. The music is wonderful, the sound effects are wonderful, they synergize with the game in a visceral way that a lot of games lack.

As a (white, male) guy who has had literally no experience with people who struggle with gender identity issues it's... difficult for me to understand what it's like. On a basic level, sure, I understand that it's hard being seen as something you don't feel you are, or to experience derision or prejudice from people who refuse to show any empathy or understanding to people different from them. But it's only a passing understanding. I try to imagine what it might be like and often it's a struggle to appreciate that not every person in the world comes from my same background and thinks the way I do about the things I think about

And I know how hard it is to properly express even simple ideas, let alone complex ones like these. So I really appreciate when a game, or a book, or a TV show or whatever deeply personal work like this comes out and is accessible enough that a naive dope like me can appreciate it and internalize a little bit of understanding that I didn't have before.

I really liked the story behind everything. It really put things in perspective having the "reader" play along. it made me feel as though I was in your shoes.

Good work.

I wouldn't personally say game as I would say Interactive Narrative. But still...it is a very beautiful piece of work. The sounds go nicely with the art.

Overall...I really enjoyed what it had to say


Way better ending than Mass Effect 3.

And all joking aside, this is an awesome way to tell you story.

wow! I was skeptical at first, but after playing it, I have never been touched by a cartoon before! You did a great job at conveying your thought in the way you wanted to. I am glad it had a happy ending.