Reviews for "dys4ia"

it a nice way to deal with change, you are really lucky having people that understand you...great game!..movie or i don´t know. Keep it up...

Really interesting, and educational in a kind of sense. Taught me a lesson, as the experiences of a transexual as a human being never crossed my mind, revealing how unfair I was without even noticing it. I would still feel weird in front of a transexual tough, I guess it's true humans fear what they don't understand.

You did a great job balancing humor and seriousness through the medium of old-fashioned games. I felt that I could understand a little bit of the process you are going through, even though most of the people in the world (myself included) can't possibly understand it. It was a nice message for those of us (myself included again) who just come to this website to kill zombies for several wasted hours.

This...this legitimately made me cry.

I haven't cried in ages...

Thank you.

I thought this was beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with me. 5/5