Reviews for "dys4ia"

Great experience, thank you for sharing it.

I find it disturbing and could not relate, but it was still a wonderful presentation on the experience of a sex change. The graphics were trippy but not overdone, and everything pieced together perfectly.

The best part about this kind of story telling is how every sentence and point only lasts 5 seconds at most, so the viewer is completely engaged throughout the experience. Hell, 15 minutes were over before I even realized it.

In the end I still could not agree with the author's feelings, but her point hit me like brick and stuck there for hours. This is the perfect illustration of modern presentation and should be made an example.

This game is poignant, thoughtful, and enriching; there were moments that made me tear up, and there were moments that made me smile. This is more than an exceptional game; this is an exceptional piece of art.

Although it's just the tip of the iceberg, this was a nice, emotionally charged exercise in what living with gender dysphoria is like for trans* people (like myself). Thank you, and I'd love to see more! :)

idk if this is teal but gives me alot of feels :'''l