Reviews for "dys4ia"

Wow. I really enjoyed your story. Also, someone could be playing and thinking that there's something wrong with them... but now they know there isn't because this is here. Great job.

Correct me if ia m wrong, but you are/were a masculine gay female, right?

First of, hope the new beginning has a good end; I found the story very touching. Beautifull even. And I enjoyed the game; I like being imersed into a story through game-like antics like this, keeps me awake

Not much of a game exactly. Still very cute the way it's done. Love it regardless. First 2 levels made me laugh. Level 3 kind of made me go a bit emotionally blank. By level 4 I was crying. Darn hormones! lol Good luck with the rest of your transition and life. =)

Lovely. I read The White Book a few years ago - this is the missing electronic indie gaming chapter.