Reviews for "dys4ia"

Very curious game/biography/amalgam of feelings.

I am glad it got better at the end ;P

Good luck, MA'AM :P

This is not a game...

it's a work of art.

I've worked in a pharmacy, and I know a fair number of TGs via that and studying gender studies in college. It's a rough experience to go through and I'm cheering you on over here.

It's inspring the stories people share with others, and it says a lot when a person gives another one shit because of how they want to live their life. Kudos.

Good story, it makes me fell sorry for anyone that it happens to.
Nice work putting a life story into a colection of mini games!

Some parts made me giggle, some parts made MY blood pressure go up... I love this game not only for its ability to make people understand, but for the fact it's very genuine. Keep up the good work!