Reviews for "dys4ia"

This was rather eye opening, it's an excelent way to show the public the hardships you had to
go through, i also seem to notice that alot of people disapprove of your choice, well i don't, i find
that if you truely are a women mentally and a man physically that you should have the chance
to become a full woman without the judgement that comes with it.

anyway, i wish you good luck and i hope you'll be happy the way you are now ;)

Very nice, INFORMATIVE, game.

Shomoe, how about you shut your fucking mouth! If you were in a position that you weren't comfortable with the gender you are or something similar, you wouldn't be opening your fucking mouth!

You are very brave to do something like this. I also liked the game. It's so simple but says a lot. I never knew the process was that tedious. I never had anything against trans or gays or gays in general, and I hope this shows those haters that you really aren't any different to everyone else and not someone to be discriminated against. You also are lucky to have such a supportive girlfriend. Kudos to you for posting this :)

The message was amazing, for the first three parts I was getting a bit sad because I was thinking if I had to go thought all of this what would be the point? But by the fourth "things get better" I really did start cheering up, knowing someone else has gone though this than by darn I can get through it too. As a side note the sound effects made me giggle. Games are meant to tell a story, and this certainly did.