Reviews for "dys4ia"

your lucky you can use hormones i cant cause my mom want that i have to be a guy (i'm 13)

Good for you and good luck on everything!

Amazing work! Ets de Catalunya? Em sembla que la música ambiental he sentit una parada del tren en català i castellà . Si aixÃ- és, felicitats per els resultats de la teva terapia! :)

That was really... quite beautiful. I had no idea that changing genders could be so surreal, so monumental. It must be indescribable. I guess this world does still hold some magic, after all.

Thank you for telling us about it.

Wow! I have not gone through a phase like this, but you chose an incredible representation of what you went through. I'm so glad that things are improving for you. I wish the best for you!