Reviews for "dys4ia"

The music and the animation completely set the mood for your experience. I love a good game that really sets an emotional tone, and it was beautiful.

And this was incredibly sweet. Keep up the good work, girlfriend!

i really enjoyed this... true its not technicly a game but it was interactive and i love how you had the courage to share your story... and in such a way as this... i wish you luck in all your future endeavors... just remember haters are gonna hate... and it will get better...!!!

This is, and always will be, a beautiful story to look back at. To "play" through this was really unexpected and I'm glad to of given it a chance.

Truly amazing game. I am trans as well and have barely even been able to begin the process. :( You should message me. :)

Absolutely wonderful. This was such a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all. I am humbled.