Reviews for "dys4ia"

Abandonware? This game is unplayable here, and the webpage listed doesn't exist.

is the game still working?

Well, I once left a good review about this game.

Thankfully, we can now delete old reviews and make new ones. Because I made the review when the game was STILL PLAYABLE ON HERE. It's a good game, don't get me wrong, but you made a mistake that negates EVERYTHING.

You have to PAY 5 fucking dollars for a glorified story that was once free? Yeah, fuck you, you greedy bastard. You just helped turn trans people into a joke.

Here's the game for people who want to play it: https://jayisgames.com/games/dys4ia/

LMAO you can't even buy the game anymore.
What a cuck

If its no longer available then delete it. But apparently, this is in the games section, so its a game. Ill review it.

The controls suck, i press up down and every button and nothing. I click every where on the screen and nothing happens.
I try clicking the big 4 and nothing happens either.
It feels so... empty. The silence and the lack of any movement really depresses me.
You cant win or loose. You cant really do anything. Its like a death simulator.
I thought that it was a puzzle, but I cant find a solution. The art isnt good either, really, all that appears in the game is some text. Who tf is anna? is that a dude or something?

Anyway, I rate this game 0/10