Reviews for "dys4ia"

Wow.... Such a beautiful game....
This is proof that Graphics are not what makes a game a good experience. This... I -felt- this. It took me on a journey through another person's life... it was truly a wondrous way to experience your reality.

Thankyou.... Just.... Thankyou.

The game is super simple, but it is not meant to be played, it is meant to be experienced and I have grown up playing them. This is arguably one of the best I have ever played because I am going through the same issue, hopefully I will get there too. Thank you Game Theory for pointing out this hidden gem of a experience!~

I <3 U!!

This game is beautiful. Telling a story through Warioware-like micro-games was a very unique and clever idea. Had fun, and was interested the whole way through.

This game was amazing. I mean it wasn't a game "GAME" -- It was a beautiful story, and you took some elements from gaming to better incorporate the players in your story. It was very very very beautifully done. Many hugs to you!