Reviews for "dys4ia"

I have a friend who lives out in California who is undergoing a sex change. I once thought about this myself and I did decide it wasn't for me.. Although I will support my friends and any Transsexuals until the day I die. I hope you enjoy your choice.

amazing i like it and the way you did it

This was in general a very interesting experience. I felt like a lot of the wario ware style minigames were hit or miss. The tetris style block ones did a good job of conveying how it felt to have a body that didn't fit in, or the stealth parts when you had to get to the toilet. Some parts like that were really well designed. My only complaint is I felt like my performance in the minigames had no affect, sorta like the game part was missing. In a few segments I was really engaged, part of the story but in others the minigame moved on before I could connect. TL;DR Great story but it needed more game.

Good game, real nice sharing your experience with a game. People like Shomoe may have their own opinions but doesn't mean they should flame someone for their life choices. Good luck, and hope your life is a good one - Tuna

Beautiful game,I like how you based it off events in your life.I am sorry that you had to go through so much bullshit before hand though.