Reviews for "dys4ia"

....I's this suppose to be the story of a lesbian i really cant tell.In all seriousness.

Holy mother of fuck a lot of people didn't get the point. It's not about the game experience itself, you thick sons of bitches. It's about this woman's story of pain and the prejudice she had to overcome to finally feel like herself. I mean, this is the absolute epitome of an "art game"; it's not about how much fun the game is, it's about realizing what it all means, and realizing what it means by all of us. The creator of this game is very brave for putting her story out for others to judge like this. As an author, I'm perfectly aware of how difficult it can be to let other people in on your thoughts like this, and given the personal nature of this story, and how much it means to her, I can only imagine that this must have been a hundred thousand times more difficult for her to share with the world that anything I've ever made. I for one applaud her, not only for her struggle, but for her bravery and, I think, kindness, to allow us to experience this with her. I'm not a homosexual, or transgendered, or a furry, or anything of those sorts, but I understand how she felt. And I can wholeheartedly say that the game--listen carefully now--doesn't fucking matter. It's her story in flash form, and we should all feel damn honored to be allowed to experience it.

5/5, 10/10, et cetera. Great game, and I'm sorry that not everyone could truly appreciate it.

I came into this thinking aw yeah testosterone replacement therapy this shit is about to get awesome, but then I saw it was just about some guy who thinks he's a woman and undergoes therapy.

The game itself is pretty lame. Just a bunch of stupid little mini-games which have no fun value at all in my opinion.

So if you like stories where men with too much estrogen bitch about how their life was so hard and how nobody accepts them so they change their sex this game is for you.

Overall pretty shitty game. Half a star for at least giving me a medal.

Brave, heartfelt and genuine. Thankyou for sharing a part of your story.

Aww that was very inspiring. ^-^ I am glad that you are happy with who you really are~