Reviews for "dys4ia"

I liked this game but I feel that it suffers, like some other art games, with the fact that the players actions have next to no consequences. It doesn't matter if you 'fail' or 'win' any of the minigames, nothing changes. Interesting story though.

I was expecting to play a strange game. Now it feels like I have gone through a strange heart filling emotional trip. I hope it gets better!

Press down to start..
Okay *presses down*
*Clicks down*
*updates flash and tries again*
Still nothing.
I quit. Game doesn't work for me.

This is, and always will be, a beautiful story to look back at. To "play" through this was really unexpected and I'm glad to of given it a chance.

It's a really good story game.

But this should be on a site like Deviant Art where people are open minded and not on Newgrounds where people are close minded and just think a game is about swords, goblins, guns, and terrorists.