Reviews for "dys4ia"

I'm glad this game exists. As someone who has started considering their gender more deeply recently, I appreciated returning to this game.

It is a shame that the artist decided to remove the game from Newgrounds. For those of you who really want to play this game, just Google-search "dys4ia", and you can find it available on another website.

Weak move.
If you want to get money for your work it's okay, absolutely fine, but is it so difficult to crerate new thing?
No offence, but this much money for an one-playthrough art game?
please, be a good indie, put this game back and create some new ones to make money on.

Sad to see this game gone from Newgrounds and only available if you purchase it.

I can understand that you need to make money but it's the exact same game and the only extra content you get is the soundtrack.

If it was a complete remake with better graphics, soundtrack and more content, then I might have been interested.

I played this game some time ago, I finished it, and I liked it. Now I come back to play again, only to discover that the SAME game has been put down from NG, and is playable only after paying 5$? I would have understood if the game was only a demo, and the full game was available after payment... but here you're asking people money for the same game, with no new features!

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