Reviews for "dys4ia"

Although it's just the tip of the iceberg, this was a nice, emotionally charged exercise in what living with gender dysphoria is like for trans* people (like myself). Thank you, and I'd love to see more! :)

I can't say I approve with you using a woman's restroom before having a sex change operation. But, it brings a tear of happiness to my eye, happiness for you, happiness you faced adversity and overcame it.

Reminds me of myself coming to terms with my sexual fetishes. Of course I'm sure your struggle was more exhausting on your psyche. I still have to deal with idiots who thing that Autonepiophilia is the same thing as Pedophilia and that —all people with fantasies of sex with children— will end up having sex with them, which is a ridiculous idea.

Just to specity, I don't condone and/or endorse sex with children, but I think that —the terms, "child predator" and "pedophile"— should not be used interchangeably as they have two different meanings.

Very good, could use a tiny bit more game but it works well at what it does. But, it's been 2 years how about a new game to cover that. You said something and people listened, keep talking.

I love the way you portrayed the game. And it shows you something you don't see everyday. Most of everybody forgets about people that are transgender and how hard they have it. but over all there needs to be more games out there that needs to have transgender/homosexual people in it, Its a part of life and you can't hide it away from the public.

Okay.... um.... great job, just want to say that first. Okay.... don't tell us how sensitive your nipples are.... it's kind of uncomfortable.