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Reviews for "The Summoning"

very nice game. nice design and nice sound. continue

This game was so easy dunno why people are complaining.
The only frustrating levels are the levels were you get attacked by both sides.
Messenger level is so easy I pass it at first try I just cast earthquake and he died.
Succubus is very useful if properly used just cast zombies so they get hit first.
Combine earthquake with stone rain and almost everything will die! useful for level full with people.
Best combo I think it was firewall cast it where there are any people then the other people will stop in front of firewall so cast the purple dark attack where the people stopped at It usually was enough to get me full mp!
The grim reaper is only useful when you had summoned many zombies.
Try your best to kill archest fast they deadly use fireball on them and use ice for melee.

I enjoed this game quite a lot. I hope that the ending is a kind of announcement of a new game. maybe Age of Darkness? or Dawn of Darkness? with the same gameplay but now trying to defeat the summoner.

I have to notice that there seems to be a bug when selecting a spell, if I select a spell but don't activate it, and instead click on another spell the first one goes into cooldown it made my game a little hard.

I recommend playing this game.

Part 2??????

Great game, what others have you done? I would like to play them too.