Reviews for "Look Up"

This was released on my 11th birthday. Personally, I think it's a good song, but it isn't anything absolutely noteworthy. Still great for background music, though. Maybe I have just grown out of this style of music.

I kinda like the slight repetitiveness of this song. A lot of artists try a little too hard to avoid it these days. I say if it ain't broke don't fix it. Nice song.

0:00-0:12: 10/10: Drawing intro, nice.
0:13-0:23: 10/10: Love the added melody.
0:24-0:45: 8/10: Like this part, but you play the exact same thing twice.
0:46-1:07: 9/10: Love the xylophone, but once again you play the exact same thing twice.
1:08-1:30: 9/10: Love this calm part, but still the exact same thing twice...
1:31-1:40: 10/10: Like how you come back with a new melody.
1:41-2:02: 10/10: Like this part, using new melody.
2:03-2:24: 9/10: This part is cool but a bit boring.
2:25-2:46: 10/10: This part is amazing.
2:47-2:58: 10/10: Another calm part. Nice.
2:58-3:09: 8/10: Seems a little weird, but still nice.
3:10-3:20: 10/10: Love this part.
3:21-3:41: 8/10: Again... Same exact thing twice.
3:42-4:04: 10/10: Love the xylophone.
4:05-4:18: 10/10: Nice ending.

Best of 2014 in newgrounds : Look Up
Best of 2014 for real : Look Up

Quite a lifelike song,I'll be honest with that.
It's great! Also,I've heard this way back so I tried looking it up today again. I've discovered you because of another song waaaaay back but your music is great,either!