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Reviews for "i can see you now"

its good for what it is

but it aint trance bro.. this is downtempo shizzle or whatever you call that

-.5 star cause cheese chord progression :P

johnfn responds:

There is no downtempo genre in Newgrounds...

Good to see you're not dead!

It's great to hear you try new things. The synths you're using sound different than usual! And your drums. There's definitely a lot more variation in them, and they're helping you drive the song a lot better. I've always liked tambourines. :P

1:00 - Over here, the filtered cymbals enter. They're a nice addition, but it felt like the hat that plays on the offbeats could be lowered in its velocity, so as to sound less mechanical. You're already doing a great job on that with your pianos! Try doing it for drums too.

1:14 - Over here, the filtered drum beat enters, but the cymbals that were playing for the last fourteen seconds disappear. Personally, I’ve always felt that a drum beat should grow until there’s sufficient musical variation for it to warrant a change. You brought the cymbals back into the beat at 1:28, but the beat felt a bit disconnected to me because of the missing cymbals at 1:14. Not sure if all people feel that way, though. I’ve always been a bit OCD about drums and tempo and stuff.

1:26 - I’ve never heard a fill consisting of just four rides before. :D

1:40 - It feels like your filter transitions (along with drum glitches, portamentos, etc.) have always been a signature part of your style. This one sounds nice as usual, but maybe you could’ve added a louder crash towards the end? Since the gong-like cymbal you used has a more gradual crash effect than most crashes, the sudden un-filtering was a bit jarring.

1:43 - The drum beat that plays here is basically the main beat of the song, and I like it a lot. The tambourine was a nice touch. One thing I think you could’ve done with it is played a few bars without the tambourine, then added it in later. It’s a pretty subtle touch, but it really helps the progression of a song in a way that most casual listeners won’t notice like they would a section or instrument change. At least, that’s what I’ve found.

2:12 - I know you know that transitions are really important, and I know you know the importance of making sure things flow. A small fill to end the section or at least a kick drum on beat 1 of the silent part would help the listener transition a lot better than just a cymbal roll.

2:38 - Great drum fill! There’s a pretty simple musical trope that I’m sure you know about, but you can always build up to some eighths/sixteenths in the fill.

3:12 - Love the drum fadeout. It fades gradually enough to be really smooth, but quickly enough to progress the song without much stagnation. The final drum hit is, I think, your best use of the crash in this song. As the drums were fading out, though, the piano sounded really prominent and I got slightly confused. :D

Remember, I’m not a musical expert by any means, but this is how I felt when listening to your drums, and I hope my feedback was helpful. Great work, and can’t wait to hear more!

(btw, you’ve got a 25-second period of silence at the end of your song)

awesome track! hope to hear more :D

johnfn responds:

Thanks JMac! The songs never stop... though there may be pauses for a little... :p