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Reviews for "i can see you now"

Okay, that's it. Review time. I LOVE the piano at the beginning - it just has a haunting yet simple beauty to it. The synths you introduce around :30 really add a lot to the pensive beauty as well. I like how they sound like guitars. I love the drums at 1:40, and those melodies/harmonies are pretty sweet. Structurally, this piece is well done. Bringing back the piano at 3:15 was a good choice. The very ending - with that hollow-sounding riser - was unnecessary in my opinion. Maybe if you just added a little more reverb to the piano towards the end, 4:01 would've been more than sufficient to end the piece. Anyway, great job (I didn't expect anything less from you) and hope your life doesn't suck! See you next time, Johnfn. ;D

johnfn responds:

"I like how they sound like guitars. "


Well, I'm glad you're back, and with an intention to change your style a bit :D
As for myself, I'm still stuck here in the army for a while :)

That said, I don't have that much time for writing reviews and looking at what's going on here on Newgrounds. I still feel as though I should comment upon this piece, as it definitely deserves it.

I'd say that this composition brings forth both new and old aspects of your compositional skills and instrumentation. I love all the leads and synths, just as always; they sound so smooth and soothing; that is, chill. I recognice some VSTi:s you've used earlier, but that doesn't matter, as long as the music sounds good :D

I like pretty much everything about the song. The piano in the intro, all the transitions, as well as the structure (which ties the ending and the beginning together quite well). I'm especially fond of the sounds (or is it tied to an intrument?) that first appear at 0:29. They give me a somewhat cold (icy) feeling actually, although I'm not sure if that's intentional.

What also caught me about this track is that at some points it's almost as if there's two different songs playing together at the same time, and they align perfectly. I think this is because of the piano melody combined with all the rest :p
This is especially prominent near the end, somewhere around 3:00.
It works really well, so I like it!

Beautiful melodies. You really are great at those.

Anyhow, I don't have much else to say at the moment, except for great job, just as always ;)

PS. This time your ending doesn't cut off suddenly, but includes around 15 seconds of empty space XD?

Yay the missing NGADM piece! So because I asked to hear it at least, I feel that I have to leave something at least. Just opinions but take them as you will.

I love the piano part. It's so beautiful and emotional. I can't put into words what it's doing so I'll just leave it there. The guitar you have at first is perfect. The only problem is that you lose the reverb around 01:00. I know it's intentional, but to me it seems like it doesn't fill the track enough when you do that. Ooh, I like the reverse piano (I think that's what it is) at 01:35. It's a really nice touch.

The transition at 03:00-03:13 feels a little awkward to me. It's like 'Oh, were getting quieter now.' That is the extent of my complaints, which makes me feel bad, because I really like this piece. As always, I love the chill atmospheres you create and they're so full of depth. This piece is well done and quite solid. The mixing is done pretty well for the most part.

You are an inspiring artist/composer and I'll always try to keep an ear out for your music.

johnfn responds:

It's interesting that you call this the missing NGADM piece. In fact, if you compare this to my NGADM pieces you can see I did a lot of stuff ever so slightly differently because I wasn't worrying about appeasing any judges this time. Like, I never varied the chord progression or added new sections. I definitely would have done that for NGADM. Also I am of the opinion that the mix gets quite cluttered around the climaxes, but I didn't do anything about it because I personally liked the effect... hehe

You don't like that I lost the reverb at 1:00? Heh I thought that was pretty cool... Oh well.

On the other hand I agree about 3:00. I struggled with that for a while and eventually gave up...

Thanks for the review!

Another masterpiece. Thanks for sharing. I love it.

johnfn responds:


Just stopping by to say while I hear some signature johnfn parts going on, I'm starting to hear some new approaches very subtly. Enjoyed this one. You sure know how to hit the right spots with your melodies.

johnfn responds:

Thanks. Indeed, I am thinking about new approaches... I am working on better sounding instruments. Also, better sounding drums. So yeah, just better sounding stuff. :P