Reviews for "a sudden meeting"

@Cryndellion I think he went that far for the balloon is because the balloon is probably from the girl who gave him back the balloon

Sweet.. and for the game's message, Love comes suddenly
that's 100% true. if you go around looking for love, you'll find nothing.
but while going around wondering and looking for something else, that's the time
where its time for love to show up.

So simple and sweet with some awesome hardcore piano music!

After the happy ending:

Curse Game,
Curse this Job
and Curse You!

A stylish story with simple control and beautiful music! Though had hoped the balance act would be the main thing - having the wheels dig into the ground and spin out of control when you try to pedal over hills was a bit aggravating. Maybe some trick I'm not figuring out there, but otherwise it's nice, and I do love happy endings.