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Reviews for "Bob the Pixel IV"

Good effort dude.....The animation is something new.......

It was pretty good, and I liked the music. However, it was a bit short and lacked a background, so it looked as if they were stoped at some points. Otherwise, I hope you keep making more. =)

DCHorror responds:

The background thing was something I noticed and was kinda dreading for the moment.

On the other hand, I feel happy about the length, given that I nearly tripled on the length I promised last week.

it lacks humor

DCHorror responds:

I um....thanks? It's really hard to judge how negative that really is given that this wasn't concieved as a comedy, but as an experimental/action series.

So, yeah. Yay, I'm not accidentally funny. Thanks for being honest about that.

wow disapointed

DCHorror responds:


The Music was unfitting and the text was going to fast to be able to be read maybe with some improvements it could be good

DCHorror responds:

Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't realize the text was too fast.