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Reviews for "The Pig's Head"

You should publish this story somewhere. I loved the animation and how well the story was told without words. I also loved the plot and would love to read you story.

They were both miserable, and in the end both of them got what they wanted. The ex-husband got his ring and diner back while she became the crazy cat lady and spent the rest of her time in a blissful fantasy world. I do love happy endings. Good job.

Love your work,you used a very interesting style for this animation,and executed the message in an artistic and clear way.Its works like these that make me wanna keep animating.Keep it up.

The thing that seeps deep into my mind is how creepy the movie is. I keep getting chills. It is freaking scary dude!!! Especially because the movie simply ends with its music as if there was no big deal. THIS, is true creepers! Cant say i like watching this genre of movies. But definitely full vote for you! (chills again remembering the pig's head)

Wow. Really good!
How did you keep the filesize so low? You didn't use a preloader at all!