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Reviews for "The Pig's Head"

I have no idea how to express my feelings to this, and how I can relate to this.

It also reminded me of Alice in Wonderland-like story.
At first I saw the pictures how the man and the women were growing apart, as it goes on the cat pops in.
She uses the cat for comfort, and feels more bonded with the cat then her husband.
The pig head somehow winks at the cat assuming they had a special plan for this day.

Then she walks into a strange forest, looking for the cat that she felt guilty for taking the pig head.
She stumbles into a strange figure frightened by it at first, but then figured "What do I have to lose?"
So she accepts the invitation and meets the cat.
Astonished as she is, she then feels a mysterious urge to trust the cat since it reminds her of hers.
Event by event she then falls in love with the masked figure..
Until she runs away with him.

Although this is just my theory not necessarily true.

Thank you, this is now my favorite fairy tale of all time!
It sure beats "Alice In Wonderland".

I'm looking forward to seeing more of you =) Big Fan<3~

The man broke her heart and the cat mended it, creative, beautiful music. absolutely amazing.. . i watched it 3 times and im still not tired of it.

The first thing that came to my mind for some reason was The Cat Returns by studio gibli. This seems to have that same mysterious feel to it, but with a more Tim Burton style (maybe). Quite unique and wondrously done. Loved every moment of it.

Everything...just fits. The pacing (of both the movie and the characters), the angle the 'shots' were taken from, the expressions, the music...and the right feeling of whimsy along with the changing heavyness of each setting. If there is any one thing I would point out, its probably the fact that the (pet) cat is always below the camera focus, even in the picture, and it blends in well, so I noticed it in a lot more scenes during the second viewing. With that said, I eagerly look forward to more from you.

Sensational..Emotional..Original.. and most of all Fantastic. You did a very good job on this flash, I had almost wish it were a little longer, but there was no need for it to be. The message was clear. I normally don't like any flash without words, but this one needed none. Bravo.