Reviews for "Papa's Pancakeria"

Great game. I found a tiny little glitch though. Nothing bad. All it does is turn your maple syrup white lol.

You add a ton of butter and banana slices with chocolate chips into one huge pile. Make sure you stack the butter then pile all the other good stuff on. Then just add a load of maple syrup over top all the other toppings. Once that is done just add more and more chocolate chips and your maple syrup will turn white.

This is my favorite of Papa's, awesome game & so addictive!

It's a cool game though I really like it :)

It's a formula that seems to get me hooked every time. Lovely graphics, great controls and a very good difficulty pacing.

Great game.

I wish there was such a thing as a Pancakeria. "I'll have the large with golden syrup and banana. Oh and make that a blueberry stuff crust" mmmmm
Good game.